Yes, each die is designed, cast, sanded, polished, and painted by hand.

Shop updates are when we release a batch of products, typically each month. Keep posted on when the next shop update is by following us on social media!

No dice, even factory made ones, are perfectly balanced. Our dice are handmade and inclusions will slightly weigh them. That being said, these dice are perfectly fine for any tabletop games.

Short answer: Maybe?

Long answer: We’re always experimenting with new designs. Currently, only one or two sets of each style will be available per release. There are designs we love and will make for most sales, and if there’s demand for a certain set, we’ll likely remake those for future sales.

If there’s a design you really want to see again, let us know on Instagram or Twitter!

No, not at this time. We may in the future but for now, all available sets will be the ones from our website.

It typically takes us about 2-4 days to process an order. Once we ship your order, please allow 5-7 days for shipping within the US or 7-14 days for international shipping.

Shipping times during COVID-19 have been longer than usual, especially international.

We do! Shipping outside the United States is $13.95. Please do be aware that during COVID-19 restrictions, shipping errors may occur, but we will do our best to ensure your order gets to you.

Be advised that under EU VAT requirements, EU customers may be required to pay a VAT before receiving their order.

Until further notice, we will not be shipping to the United Kingdom due to changes made to VAT law under Brexit.

Due to COVID regulations, we will not be shipping to Australia until further notice.

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The Daggers N Dice Team

Catherine the Rouge and Occasional Cleric

I design, cast, and paint our dice. I started playing D&D four years ago, and haven’t really stopped since. My dice obsession started a year ago, and it also hasn’t stopped since. If you’re messaging us on social media, you’re probably talking with me!

Adrian the Wizard and Weekend Fighter

I sand and polish dice, and manage our shop. For the past four years, D&D has been such a healthy constant that lets me stay connected with friends hundreds of miles away. The dice thing was kind of a natural progression. I love funky jackets, music that makes me cry, and casting Wall of Force as my lovely gnome wizard.

Lapis the Dice Dragon and Chicken Aficionado

I try to eat I mean, quality check all of the dice. 

Ahsoka the Dice Demon and Soup Connoisseur

Hello there, Ahsoka here. I enjoy eating soup. I don’t enjoy eating dice. They’re not good in soup.